It has never been this inexpensive to create a website. It is now possible to set up your website online for a nominal monthly subscription by using any one of template services or growing roster. However, it would be better to use a custom-based template; All you have to do is type ‘good website designing company parel, Mumbai’ on the search bar to get a list of all qualified companies;  a free template website can ruin your business.

Here are some of the disadvantages of  using free templates :

1) Ownership Versus Rental

If you create your website with the support of an agency, it’s your site, and you have full ownership of it. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the services you receive from your web hosts, such as with their load speed or charges, then you can switch to another provider. You can not do this with the template sites, as you only use the website for rent rather than owning it. Fulfilling your needs, services of website designing company, Dadar will provide you full ownership after helping you to customize your website.

2) Bad Impression On Website Visitors

Unfortunately, as good as template websites may sometimes appear, they still look like usual templates. Your template website will be identical to tens of thousands of other websites. For an SME, this may convey the wrong impression about your company. The free template websites are usually assumed to be associated with small traders and individuals. 

You deliver an unique service and unique selling proposition to your customers, so the website presenting your businesses online should be uniquely individualised to reflect your brand. To throw a good impression on the visitors of your website, it would be better to use a custom-made web template that reflects your unique company brand. 

3) Design Limitations

There are baffling technical restrictions to how far one can customize their website’s template, even with good coding knowledge and good services. Sooner or later, you will be hitting an obstacle that will prevent you from implementing your desired functionality. So you are left with an undesirable choice of trying to fit your  requirements and services to the capacity of the respective website, this is an upside-down approach to web design.

4) You Have To Write Your Content

You are required to populate your new template website content by yourself. Most business owners do not have that much time. Furthermore, your website’s content needs to be optimized properly in order to improve conversions and the website’s visibility on search engines. While it may take you days to write a copy to fill the preordained boxes of the template without ensuring it will be acceptable for web use.

5) No SEO

Template websites come with a few or not at all on-page SEO options. This will negatively impact your Google ranking as a significant part of SEO strategy is the ability to adjust page URLs, meta tags, CSS images and other technical elements. 

On the other hand, customizable template websites come with technical SEO. The web design companies that offer this service also offer to make quick, on-page adjustments according to your needs if you want to improve your conversions and search ranking. You would not usually be able to do the same with the underlying code provided on template websites, which makes your SEO options very limited.

6) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO interprets a group of actions planned to boost a website visitor’s chances to convert to a lead and, thereupon, to a sale. A critical part of this plan is the optimization of your written content. It also involves making it easier to navigate the website, including leading calls-to-action (CTA) buttons and designing reflexive enquiry forms.

Unfortunately, the layout limitations ingrained in template websites cage your company’s potential on what it can actually achieve. You won’t be allowed to place your contract forms and CTAs wherever you want to, and you’ll be limited to text boxes placing your copy. Besides, template website navigation boundaries are similar for all users, and will not be modified according to your own criteria. Visitors may thus find it tough to get to the information they are looking for when visiting your website.

Business owners can find many web designing companies that can customize their business website. One can browse website designing company lower Parel, Mumbai, and get details of rates and services right in their smartphones without visiting the place physically.