E-Commerce Website Development

The world is experiencing its glorious years of digitalization, which has given rise to eCommerce websites. Entering the online world is the best option for your company, especially after the pandemic. An e-commerce website gives your company a fair chance against your competitors. E-commerce is the most popular tool for sales marketing with a promising future. 

However, standing out in The E-Commerce world is not straightforward due to all the competition. Designing an eCommerce website requires a lot of expertise and knowledge that most people do not have. It is beneficial for any firm to consult a website development company in Khar Road to overcome the significant issues of e-commerce website design. The following ten problems of e-commerce websites stand out from the rest:

Gaining the customers’ trust

Customers have to enter a lot of personal information on most E-Commerce websites. Sometimes search details even include their credit card information. Make your e-commerce website as transparent and secure as possible to make your customers feel safe. Pop-up ads and spam decrease the credibility of your website. You should also have a valid SSL certification to show that your website is legitimate and secure.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways should be as simple as possible. People do not like drawn-out payment procedures, especially when they are online. Many e-commerce companies also require their customers to make an account on their website. However, most people do not like to sign up for multiple websites. Keep the payment process as short as possible, and you will retain more customers. 

Tracking your stock/inventory

Some e-commerce companies don’t update their website on time, due to which customers miss out on several offers. An e-commerce website should have all the coupons on its dashboard. You should keep yourself updated about the inventory and remove out-of-stock items from the website as customers get disappointed due to the unavailability.

Costly shipping 

E-commerce websites use third-party shipping services to finish the deliveries, due to which they cannot control the quality of deliveries. However, you can offer free shipping on a few items to attract more customers. 


Most e-commerce companies clog the website with unnecessary details to make it attractive and elaborative. However, the attractiveness of a website does not matter if the website is inconvenient. Choose a simple layout for your e-commerce website and ensure that customers can navigate anywhere quickly and easily.

Design thinking

We mentioned that attractiveness is not as crucial as the convenience of a website. However, it is not an excuse to make a website that looks dull and uninviting. Professional website makers at a web development company in Vasai can help you make a website attractive, fast, and functional. 

Mobile Optimization

Most websites glitch when opened on a mobile or other small device. Remember that most of the crowd will access your website using a mobile device and expect it to be mobile-friendly. If the layout of your website gets messed up on a mobile screen, fix the issue as early as possible. You should also ensure that your site loads just as fast on a portable device as it does on a pc. 

Dishonest marketing

Asan e e-commerce company, you should be careful about the products you advertise on your website. Do not advertise invalid coupons and offers because they will disappoint the customers. Every marketing mistake on your website will reduce the credibility of your company.

Onsite search engine issues

Most E-Commerce websites have an onsite search engine tool. It is necessary if your website has a lot of products. Unfortunately, most of these search tools do not work and disappoint the customers. Check the search engine tool from time to time to ensure that it works accurately. 

Lack of SEO optimization

The E-Commerce world is all about the SEO optimization game. Most people do not understand the concept of SEO and lose a lot of customers indirectly. SEO optimization is a topic that needs a lot of knowledge, due to which it is better to consult a website development company in Mira Road. If you have an effective SEO strategy, your website will generate more leads in no time. 

These were the ten most common issues that e-commerce businesses face when designing a website. Website development is a broad topic with several nuances, due to which one person cannot build a functional e-commerce website. It is always better to take help when it comes to building E-Commerce websites from professionals.