The commencement of smartphone generation has unarguably transformed the outlook of digital marketing. The new mobile-friendly updates of Google compel the companies to agree to the fact that smartphones, tablets, ipads and other such devices are the future. Therefore, companies across the globe are now paying keen attention on utilizing mobile phones, tabs etc to shape up their digital marketing techniques and strategies.

Due to prominent technological advancements, digital marketing has grabbed a dynamic nature. One such technological progression is the introduction of voice searches tools in mobile devices. With this tool, you do not need to type a phrase or keyword on your device to get information; instead, you need just to speak your query using the mic to get the results. 

Why Voice Search?

Technology has not only offered us trouble-free lives but also left us fascinated to wonder what’s next? The creation of voice search is the result of the need to get work done at a faster pace. Today, everyone likes to do things on the go, and the voice search tool enables us to achieve it. 

The explanations for its rising popularity are pretty simple : speed and need to conduct a search with ease.

How it Affects SEO?

SEO, a crucial and an integral part of online digital marketing also tend to get affected by the advancement of mobile phones and voice-based searches. Local information searches through mobile phones are already dominating the basic ways of searching for information. Here are some factors that show its effects on SEO due to an increasing rage of voice-based searches.

  • Keyword Research

As many websites have been caught putting out spam contents with low-quality keywords,  Google has minimized the relevancy of keyword-based search queries. However, keywords are still a vital part of SEO for ranking high on SERPs. Due to voice-based searches using smartphones, the focus is now shifted to rooting keywords in the content to create it as per users’ intent; this is going to be a notable challenge for seo professionals as stated by SEO company in Andheri, Mumbai.

  • Question-Based Searches Will Be in Demand

A qualified SEO company in Kandivali quotes that just speaking the keywords on the mic is sufficient to find the desired result with the assistance of voice searching. Hence, users will be entering their query in the question form due to voice-based searches rather than using keyword phrases. So, it would not be wrong to assume that question-based searches like how-to, who, what, why, when, where, etc., are going to flare in the coming days. 

  • Conversational content will Grab Center Stage

Raw content will be gaining more preference for your SEO theme. Try to include targeted keywords in your website content so that it would become easier to get the required outcomes for SEO services. One reputed SEO company in Borivali advises to make your content more human friendly. Make it as per users’ intent, meaning your content should look like a raw piece of information linked so closely with the users’ search. But, at the same time, you must not tilt your focus from your business’s marketing goals.

  • Local SEO Will Play a Crucial Role

For SEO professionals, the use of voice-based searches will throw the necessity to focus on local SEO as most present-day users like to look for local information through their smartphones.

Future of Voice-Based Searches

Many online businesses have agreed that including both mobile apps and websites facilitate hands-free ordering systems through voice-search. Well, it’s not bad to evaluate and assume that in the coming future, voice search is going to rule over the mobile phones.

Here are some of the remarkable stats of voice searches:

  • According to Google, 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice searches on an everyday basis. Though, this very data was published in 2014; You can evaluate up to what extent the use of voice searches would have increased today with the immense rise in mobile phones users.
  • According to Google, 20% of the mobile queries are asked over voice searches. 
  • According to a survey, 58% of people on average do use voice search option to find local business information. 


Voice search has definitely a huge impact on modern SEO. The information mentioned above tells a lot about how voice-based search is impacting SEO. If you run a business, then it would be helpful for you to consider the significance of voice-based search and enhance your SEO strategy accordingly to get a higher rank in SERPs.