When it comes to optimizing the local business for ranking in search engines, one needs a perfectly set up Google My Business (GMB) listing. While employing many tactics can improve SEO, Google dominates the web search should be motivating enough to take benefit from this free and valuable internet business listing. As the high listed SEO company in Dadar supports this claim for improving the SEO of a business website.

Show Up in Google Maps Searches

Besides the online reviews, the most critical factor that customers are concerned about when searching for a local business is the vicinity of their location. A quick Google search is effective in narrowing down the options, especially for those using smartphones. Most customers use Google Maps to find nearby businesses. A SEO company in Lower Parel can be found on top searches if they have been using GMB listing.

Whether one is searching for local technicians or a popular spot to visit, Google Maps will quickly show dozens of red markers, each implying a local business that satisfies your search criteria. By simply making a Google My Business (GMB) listing and finishing the verification steps, the location of your store will start to pop up in local searches options. This is a great advantage that enables users to see how close they are to your location, increasing the chance that they’ll have a visit.

Show Up In Google’s Local 3-Pack

One who have been following local search results of Google for the last few years, must have noticed that the formerly inclusive 7-pack has now compressed to the limited 3-pack. In order to make it into this club, businesses across the world have been putting up with a number of different SEO tactics to improve their local rankings and chance of getting included in the local 3-pack club of Google. The SEO company in Bandra can make use of this tactic to rank high in web searches.

Most companies aren’t aware that, by creating a free GMB listing, you can extensively increase your chance of making it onto the highly searched name list. The best thing about being in the local 3-pack is not only users will be able to locate your business on the Google maps through these listings, but they also pop up before organic results, giving a huge benefit to your visibility. For better clarification on how significant this is from a business viewpoint, brands that are listed in Google’s local 3-pack club get a 700% boost in clicks over the brands that aren’t.

Earn Trust From Customers

For modern buyers, one of the considerable obstacles they have to face is that of forming enough trust in the brand to make an investment confidently. As a business owner, your goal is to assist them in making that decision as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, one of the easiest steps one can take is that of helping the potential buyers see that the respective business has an actual location.

Due to the ingrained confidence and trust most users put in Google, your brand benefits every time it shows up in a local search, as consumers will automatically be more apt to trust your brand. Brands that are listed on Google are 2.7 times more feasible to be deemed reputable by buyers.

This depends mainly on the thorough process that brands must go through before getting listed on GMB (Google My Business) listings. Due to the multiple verification stages that every brand completes before emerging in local searches; Google establishes a trustworthy atmosphere that prospects can rely on.

Star Ratings Can Boost Your Appeal

With a GMB listing, consumers will be able to review your services or products and leave feedback for other visitors to see. In this process, not only will you get honest reviews about what you are doing good and what you could do better, you will get a nifty star rating system next to your brand on Google. As long as you are providing quality products and a premium experience to your customers, your business will start to collect more reviews and an overall higher rating over time.


Having a verified GMB page can instantly increase the number of times your business shows up in the search results, as Google will place more trust in a verified business than an unverified one. Verifying your GMB listing will also let you enhance it by making use of branding and images; you can craft your business description and correct any disparities in the listing.