Marketers are usually complained about something in a bad-tempered way when they are unable to track and measure the campaign and the associated results. But it is possible to measure every aspect of a marketing campaign with Google Ad words. Spreading the word about your business in search engines is a lucrative service. Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai Creating a visually appealing website and create a return on your investment done on website development.

1) Set up Account:

Make a list of the clear goals you want to achieve using this service then plan how you can achieve it because Setting up a Google Ad Words account is easy As a visitor, you will be instructed on the web page to make it easier for you to move forward. It also helps for Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai.

2) Establish Goals:

When starting with Google Advanced, stay clear and accurate with goals that make it easier to achieve them. Without a plan, a goal will not produce long-term results Understand what you want to achieve with the PPC campaign. This is the first step and if you are able to get through it easily, you have a smooth process ahead of you.

3) Create Campaign:

  • You will see, “Start now.” Click on it and sign up for your Google advertising account. You can then click the button that says, “Create your first campaign.”
  • You have campaign type options. When you are just getting started, it is best to choose “Search Network Only”.
  • Name your campaign. You want to choose a name that accompanies the product or service of your advertisement.
  • Determine the number of keywords and the keywords you want to target. Everyone kept their budget.
  • After setting up the campaign, create a landing page where you want your audience to be redirected. Have an attractive CTA that makes the user take an action on the landing page. You can add an attractive offer to the landing page that appeals to the target audience.

4) Creation of Ads:

This is when the fun begins. You get to create an advertisement that will attract your consumers and make them click through to visit your website. Prospects are more likely to click on an ad that contains the keyword they used in Google’s search bar. So, if you are targeting a specific keyword phrase that your consumers use (after doing keyword research), make sure to use that phrase in one of two headlines.

After every condition is met, you can now create an advertisement. Content on advertisements is what attracts users at first. CTR (click through rate) is determined by the effectiveness of your headline, CTA, and the keywords you speak.

5) Keyword Research:

Choose keywords that are specific to your business or align with your business product. You can add about 15 – 20 keywords. This is why you need to create and bid the right targets for the set keywords. There are three types of keyword match – broad keyword match, phrase match, and exact match keyword. The use of these keywords determines how ad your Google will appear.

6) Start Bidding:

When you have selected the keywords, it is time to start binding on those keywords. This means that your ad will appear for the keywords you bid. If a keyword is highly relevant, then your competitors also want to rank for the same keyword. Thus the price of the keyword increases.

7) Track and Monitor:

Like any marketing campaign, you need to watch your paid advertisements regularly to see how effective they are. Analysis and monitoring will help you to plug the gaps and thus improve your payment campaign. Changes you save for the campaign can be changed and edited at any time.

Now that we have learned how to use Google Ad Words, you should know that the results differ from business to business and the strategy implemented. Thus testing is a way to improve your current strategy.

In the same way SEO Company in Mumbai the intensity of the Internet has been changing rapidly since its inception.