WordPress is a Content Management System that empowers more than thirty percent of websites. But with a system as popular as this, hackers have begun targeting specifically the sites powered by WordPress. The content type of the website does not matter. The hackers would infiltrate the site only for worse. Therefore it is important to protect the site from hackers and hold website security. Although many brands or businesses give contracts to other website development companies in Vasai or other places, it is still more logical to take care of security themself. 

Steps to Protect the Website 

Here are some steps to keep the website secure:

  1. Host

A cheap host might seem more attractive for obvious reasons, but it poses the threat of getting all the data to trash, and there are chances that the URL directs to someplace else. So, more money would bring more security layers and speed up the site. 

  1. Plugin

WordPress has introduced security plugins to ensure the website’s security designed by various website designing companies like- website development company in Mira Road. The security plugin offers security to the site; it scans the site for malware and checks the site 24/7. 

  1. Themes

The themes used in the website must be the premium ones that are coded by highly skilled coders and tested by many developers. The nulled or cracked themes are the hacked versions of the premium themes, which might destroy the website as the website grows. 

  1. Password

A simple and easy password is a piece of cake for hackers. They could get into the website controls without much hassle. A complex mix of characters’ passwords would be safer for the website. 

  1. SSL Certificate

Single Sockets Layer is the certificate provided by Google for the safety of the site and more weighted place in the search results. The certificate provides for the safety and processing of sensitive information on the site. 

  1. Login

WordPress offers users unlimited logins, which might lead to brute force attacks. So the website needs to restrict the number of login attempts per user to lessen the chances of brute force attacks and keep the site safe. This could be done while the website development company in Vasai or another place designs the website in the first place.  

  1. WP-Login URL

The default URL might become unsafe as the hackers might crack the username/password combination with the default address. So it is safer to alter or modify the admin login URL or include some security questions for registration or login page. 

  1. WordPress Version

The updates for the site on WordPress are the easiest way to have a safe website. As the update happens, the developers (along with the website development company in Vasai or others) put up a few changes, which are generally related to security. The updated versions bring in more security and protection automatically. 

  1. Admin Area

Tracking the website while the users are working could be a way to keep the site safe. The tracking of the admin area activity helps recognise any changes to the site or any new unnecessary installations. The infiltrations could therefore be recognised. 

  1. Back- Up

Backing up the website might prove to be a very simple yet influential way to safeguard all the data if the site is hacked or attacked. The back- up helps get the site in the previous condition and gets running quickly. 


With the rise in technological attacks, it is important to keep the site safe and secure by adopting all the measures. It is important to design the website with the best website designing companies (like a website development company in Mira road or another place) to make sure that a secured website runs on WordPress. Safety is important as; otherwise, the valuable data and files of the website might be lost, and the damage repair might take a lot of time, more than one could afford.