Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the strategy for improving the quality and quantity of user traffic on your website. SEO makes your website pop in search results and improves your position in organic search engine rankings. Having an upper rank in search engine results increases your brand’s visibility when a person searches for a term related to your business. This advantage, in turn, lends you furthermore opportunities to turn interested users into clients. You can take the help of any good Website Designing Company in Goregaon to assist you with SEO settings on your website.

However, here are some SEO tips you can apply to improve your web design:

1.  Site Navigation 

To simplify site navigation alongside having multiple options, begin with the most important content of your website. Once your visitor shows interest by clicking on your provided links, then only reveal more information. For example, don’t start selling your products or services right after a visitor enters your website.  

2. Eliminate issues that slow Down Your website 

Page loading speed is a significant aspect of SEO. Previously, a slow site wasn’t a big deal for internet users. But, in today’s times, a slow loading page baffles users and eventually makes people switch to another site.

3. Local Search Listings 

Local SEO optimized websites that emerge on SERPs in a particular location. Website optimized with local SEO brings in more traffic and conversions to the website since this technique is more suitable to local audiences.

4. Your site content should be readable to Search Engine Spiders

When designing a website, ensure you focus on structure for your website content, for example, headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and internal/external links. Websites with insufficient content find it hard to rank in search results. It is advised not to use images in place of texts unless you are utilizing the technique of CSS background image text replacement.

5. Featured Snippet

Google automatically selects the most relevant answer from a third-party website and features it in the “featured snippet.” 

You have to structure your content correctly; your single article should answer several similar queries. 

6. Embed Links to authentic sites with Relevant Content

Adding links to high-quality websites that relate to the type of content you post on your website will be beneficial for you. The inclusion of good quality sources boosts the authenticity of your website. Link building is an integral part of an intelligent SEO strategy. 

7. Always embed Alt tags to your website images

Add descriptive alt texts into all your website images to make them 100% W3C-compliant. Do not add incorrect alt attributes. Search engines may pick your website’s images if alt keywords match users’ search queries. It also boosts your position on image-based search engines rankings such as Google Images.

8. Have a unique Metadata

To help search engines understand the structure of your website better, your site’s page titles, keywords, descriptions must be unique and must not match with each other. Set different metadata for every page.

9. Use Long tail keywords

Most people stuff targeted keywords into their content that doesn’t make sense to readers. People do it to drive search engine results, but in reality, it reduces the engagement rate of real readers; hence it is advised to use long-tail keywords that will also boost readers’ experience.

10. Make your website Mobile-friendly 

A Mobile-friendly website boosts user experience and helps them to find your site easily. Google updates help mobile-optimized sites with a considerable rise in their website rankings.  

ConclusionFor better assistance, contact a well-known website designing company in Dadar to help your website with proper SEO optimization. Note that your rankings hugely rely on your off-site and on-site SEO efforts, and it takes time to show long-term benefits.