With all businesses moving towards online, eCommerce websites are in demand like never before. Every business owner wants to have a presence online and achieve business growth. But, you can go miserably wrong if you don’t do it the right way. So, if you are thinking to shift online and start an eCommerce website of your own, then below mentioned points will make your journey easier and your switch from offline to online swifter. In addition to this, this checklist will help you to set up your eCommerce business, get your finances in the process, provide legal protection and help you sell your products/services efficiently.

Here are the points you must keep in mind while starting an eCommerce website:

Name it right:

The first and most important task you need to do after deciding which product or service you want to sell through your e-commerce site is deciding an impactful name. Make sure your business name is not already used by anyone and register it.

Make it secured and functional:

If your business name is not available as your domain name, then try to select a URL which is related to your business. Also, make sure your website is visually stunning at the same time functionally effective. You can make the basic eCommerce website easily. But, if your needs are specific and you want to make it more custom made, then be ready to spend more.

Structure & register your business:

Sole proprietor, LLC, partnership & corporation are four business structures. Once you decide the structure, make sure you register your business.

Apply for an employee identification number, business license, and permits:

Employee identification number is a unique social security number which identifies your business and helps you file business taxes. Every business should have one, so make sure you have it too. Also, do check with your city, state or country what all licenses or permits you need and get it all done.

Say hello to social media:

Start spreading and promoting your business through all the possible social media platforms. Just starting an eCommerce website is not enough, you need to reach out to the right people. You can start by doing the SEO of your website alongside creating a strong social media presence.

Use the right software:

Get right accounting, project management, relationship management, and email marketing software which you can integrate in a hassle-free manner.

Be smart with your inventory:

There are chances of you getting confused how much inventory is enough. But, always remember it’s better to have more than not having enough. Once your sales boost, you’ll get a fair idea to be future-ready with your inventory.

These are the basic guidelines to follow in order to successfully create an online presence. You also need to have your facts in place for which you need to research well, understand the market, know your competitors and know your strengths as well. Your website should effectively voice out your strengths and create a strong connection with your customers. And, always remember it’s not only the start which matters but also the measures are taken before and after which create a mark.