Keywords are among the most important factors that can boost a website’s presence on the internet. Keywords are limited terms that customers use to search about a specific item on the internet. The importance of keywords is seen in Search Engine Optimization. Different SEO companies use keywords after analyzing the traffic and the frequency at which these words are searched over the search engines. This has been a tested way to boost the rankings. In this article, we will tell you how to find keywords for your website.

You must consider numerous things that can help you find the best keyword for your website. Most of the SEO companies in Mahalaxmi use these techniques to find the best keywords for different websites. 

Keyword relevance

Searching for a keyword takes a lot of effort. The first point you must consider here is the fact that the keyword must be relevant to your website. It must deliver valuable information regarding the website. The keyword should never be used forcefully on the website, and hence you must consider this point in the keyword selection and analysis process. Looking for the search intent is also essential. Most of the time, creators get lost in ranking their web pages but on the other hand, searching the internet for the keyword relevance is very important to attract good traffic. These days search engines such as Google only rank those websites that have valuable content for the users. 

Keyword Search Volume

Keyword Search Volume is a very important factor. When you look for a keyword for your website, you must look for the average monthly volume search. There are many platforms that provide the exact value of the Keyword Search Volume. It will show you the frequency of a keyword that is being searched on a specific search engine. In the market of competition where thousands of people are looking for the top spot on search engines like google, if you don’t search the volume of specific keywords used by the customers, then you can never rank out there in the market. 

There are different tools that can be used to find keywords for your website. We have mentioned some of the best tools for finding keywords. 

Google Ads Keyword Tool

This tool was formerly known as Google Adwords and is one of the most trusted platforms for thousands of creators. Google makes its money from ads, and on the other hand, it can easily help different creators to analyze and get better with digital creation. But if you want to use the tool, you just need a special campaign related to advertisement to find the exact keyword search volume. But to summarize, this might be the best tool for a beginner. Big SEO Company in Vile Parle uses Google Ad keyword tool for boosting different businesses in the easiest way.

Keywords Everywhere Plugin

If you want a quick tool for finding keywords for your website, then this might be the best option out there. It can run on chrome and firefox easily. This tool will directly display the choices of the keyword one can use in Google. Although it does not show the result directly, it is a good tool for quick access. 

Google Search Console

This platform doesn’t use the same tactics as used by the above two listed tools. It is a special website tool that can help in finding keywords that are available on your website that are actually being searched by the users. They also help in finding which keywords are the ones that are being used by the users to get to your website. Moreover, it is a tool that gives you a report of the keywords available on your webpage. 


Above in the article, we have mentioned some of the best ways by which you can find different keywords that can help to boost your website’s presence over the internet. These tools can help you in Search Engine Optimization, which helps in boosting your website on big search engines such as Google.