A business owner pours his blood and sweat into building his business; one has to put in long hours to ensure that your business’s website launch goes well without any glitch; as the owner, you want everything to the smallest detail to be executed as perfectly as possible. As a result-oriented person, you expect the same degree of perfectionism from those you desire to hire for handling your business’s search engine optimization (SEO) and website designing; you can find your ideal company on Justdial, for instance, type SEO company in Andheri, and you’ll have plenty of options in this site.

It is hard to find a single company that can handle your website’s SEO and design. But, using two different companies to address these complicated, intertwined chores can lead to miscommunication, confusion, and disappointing results. Hence, here are the two main advantages of having a firm that offers quality website creation and SEO mastery simultaneously :

Your website will get a perfect launch

For a perfect launch of your business, It’s important that an SEO plan is pre-built into your website before the launch, as Google will register your website and will begin to rank it right after its launch. However, the timing can be complicated to pull off; the value of finishing the necessary SEO tasks before the website launch is immeasurable.

SEO tasks Include:

  • Keyword research.
  • Strategy planning.
  • Competitor research.
  • Content optimization.
  • Title tag creation & optimization.
  • Google Analytics set up.
  • URL structure configuration.
  • 301 redirect implementation.
  • Canonical configuration etc.,

A website launch where these items are not included can face a whack from which your website may never recover.


Using one SEO agency for both functions means accountability. It means having one unit whose team members are already capable and experienced at communicating with one another. It means getting simplified planning and immediate response to any problems that may arise during the creation of your website till its launch. Most importantly, it lets you be tension-free from the setup of your website’s SEO requirements before the site is ready to launch. If one company is responsible for both assignments as a packaged product, then the employees of that company, no matter which aspect of the equation they are working on, are ready to work together to ensure that your site and SEO are developed as effectively as possible.


Consider how easier it’ll be to function with just one company when it comes to continuous-scheduled meetings. You can search website creating companies and check if they also offer SEO; I.e. type ‘website designing company in Andheri featuring SEO’; this way, you’ll get to know the website design companies that offer SEO. Scheduling your meetings simultaneously with two different corporations can come out as a nightmare to you; it may get more frustrating when said meetings consist of either party arguing over how to rectify your website’s performance and its marketing.